How it started 🐭 Every few months I get an itch to head to Walt Disney World. We have the sweetest memories traveling there when it was just me and Brian. We went on a quick weekend trip before the girls were born. It was very much a budget trip. It rained about 6 inches […]

Walt Disney World Favorites

Sunset in Epcot at the Walt Disney World resort

Is this you? As we enter early spring, our schedules are getting busier with our children’s sports. The pride that comes with watching these sports is amazing- it’s so fun to interact with other parents and watch your kid do what they love. The time of sports teams is fleeting, but is a big part […]

Photographing Your Kid’s Sports

Briarwood Soccer League

Do you have a photo session coming up? Here are my top three tips for a great session! 1) Come in rested and fed- everyone is happier after a snack so grab a quick bite before you get dressed! This will fight off hunger during the session, plus keep moods a little lighter.  2) Get […]

3 Tips to Prepare for Your Photo Session

Trying to decide between a mini session or a full session? Consider these things as you are deciding! Do you have young children or family members who don’t love photos? A mini is the perfect fit. These sessions are quick. We play games and cuddle- it will be over before he… I mean they… know […]

Mini Sessions vs. Full Sessions

Several years ago I was exploring online and found a magical store that perfectly represented Kathleen Kelly’s “Shop Around the Corner” bookstore in You’ve Got Mail. The Story Shop in Monroe, GA looked like the perfect mixture of fun and whimsy. I was immediately enthralled and determined that we would visit the store in the […]

The Story Shop

Our family has a bad habit of planning our next Disney trip on the way home from our last one. We are always planning a trip and has become a big part of our family dynamics. We love traveling and being together, and this is the most fun place to do it.  It’s pretty amazing. […]

Traveling with Kids- Disney Throwback