Tips for Photographing Your Kid’s Sports

Briarwood Soccer League
Briarwood Soccer League Shelby County Alabama

Tips for photographing your kids in sports-

  1. Have your phone (or camera) out and ready. 
  2. Anticipate where they will be- if your child is coming in for a kick, aim where they are headed, not where they currently are. 
  3. Too dark? Be sure you touch your subject on your screen to a) hit correct focus and b) to correctly expose your favorite athlete. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to edit! My favorite editing app will always be Lightroom, which offers a free basic app for your phone, but I have always been impressed by the phone’s edits too. Correcting exposure and brightening shadows can bring a world of difference to your image. 
  5. OVERSHOOT then delete. Pick your favorite images then delete the rest.
  6. Don’t forget to print! One day your phone will die- long live prints 😍. Add them to a photo book at the end of the season or print one or two to hang on your kiddo’s bulletin board. Use the prints to decorate for an end of the season celebration! My favorite places to print are @artifactuprising for an amazing quality mat print or @mpix for a traditional print. Want to try something new? Use @persnicketyprints for a collage or Photo Booth style print, then use them for bookmarks!
Briarwood Soccer
Shelby county Alabama
Birmingham area soccer league

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