Traveling with Kids- Disney Throwback

Our family has a bad habit of planning our next Disney trip on the way home from our last one. We are always planning a trip and has become a big part of our family dynamics. We love traveling and being together, and this is the most fun place to do it.  It’s pretty amazing.


3 Tips for making Disney affordable with your kids

  1. Plan your meals. We are all about splurging on a meal or two while we are at Disney, but our kids are PICKY eaters. We absolutely hate that, but it is a fact, so a lot of times the best Disney meals are wasted on them. Because of this, we normally bring 2/3 of the meals, then only purchase one full meal in the park. Whether this is a character meal or a quick service, it is a fun change of pace that feels like a splurge.
  2. Get the popcorn bucket! Popcorn buckets in Magic Kingdom are around $12 each, but you can refill them for $2 a time throughout the rest of your stay! It is a treat the family can share, you come home with the souvenir of the bucket, and it doesn’t break the bank.
  3. The past few trips we have purchased a gift card for each child prior to the trip- remember you can get discounted gift cards at Sam’s/Costco and using your red card at Target. The kids have them throughout their stay at the resort and also know that is all they have to spend. It makes the no’s easier, but still allows them to get something fun!
Tea Cups Walt Disney World

There are so many amazing tips for Disney out there, so it’s important to do what is best for your family! Above all, it is the perfect place to feel like a kids WITH your kids and there is so much joy in that!

Disney at Christmas

And just to keep it real, there may be a little of this too 😆

Walt Disney World
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