The Story Shop

Several years ago I was exploring online and found a magical store that perfectly represented Kathleen Kelly’s “Shop Around the Corner” bookstore in You’ve Got Mail. The Story Shop in Monroe, GA looked like the perfect mixture of fun and whimsy. I was immediately enthralled and determined that we would visit the store in the future.

Fast forward a few years and (to our surprise) we found ourselves as residents of the great state of Georgia. One of our favorite parts of living in this new state is it’s convenience to a lot of neat places, so when an open Saturday became available, I quickly rallied the family and planned a trip to Monroe.

As a former teacher and a lover of children’s books, this store was all I had dreamed about plus more. There were reading nooks, play areas, cute party spaces, book focused decorations and a fantabulous range of any children’s or young adult literature you could imagine.

The owner’s attention to detail use the surroundings to bring you back memories of your favorite childhood books. My family and I literally spent hours in the store, enjoying their story time, reading in swings, and purchasing books.

If you find yourself looking for something fun to do in GA and need a simple, but fun trip, check out The Story Shop in Monroe, GA- you won’t regret it!

While you are in Monroe, stop at The Coffee Camper to grab a delicious cup of coffee and pop into Rinse to grab a few bath or shower bombs for when you get home. Both places were awesome and added a little bit more fun to our quick trip!

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