3 Tips to Prepare for Your Photo Session

Do you have a photo session coming up? Here are my top three tips for a great session!

outdoor family newborn photography

1) Come in rested and fed- everyone is happier after a snack so grab a quick bite before you get dressed! This will fight off hunger during the session, plus keep moods a little lighter. 

2) Get to your session 5-10 min early. Feeling rushed is never good, so giving yourself (and your family) a few minutes to take a breath and look around prior to the session does a WORLD 🌎 of good. 

3) Choose a place to celebrate when you are done! Once the session is over, take the opportunity to spend time together as a family and just have fun! We love Scoops and Jonah’s  in Forsyth for a super family friendly way to wrap up the evening! If you are in Birmingham, head to Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe or Cookie Fix!

crosslink meadows, gregg farm peaches

Photography hatred is truly a head game. My sessions are fun! We will chat and play games as we get to know each other (or catch up!) and you will walk away with beautiful images that capture your happy 😃. Remember, this is something you can look forward to and appreciate for years down the road so be sure you set that tone with your people before you come in! 

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