If you live in the Birmingham area and are reading this, you might be wondering why you need in-home lifestyle family photos. So much of our life is lived in our home and it is filled with love, laughter, and a sense of belonging. I adore outdoor photo shoots- the golden light, beautiful flowers, and […]

In-Home Lifestyle Photos

birmingham in-home family photography

If you are expecting a baby soon, there is a good chance you have considered newborn photography. Birmingham newborn photos are the perfect way to capture one of life’s most precious moments. The early days are filled with wonder and awe as you bond with the amazing new life God has given you. One of […]

Birmingham Newborn Photos

Birmingham In-home newborn photography

I recently shared about a Legacy Motherhood Session at Aldridge Gardens in Hoover, Alabama. This Legacy Motherhood Session was a different take on that cross generational session. Brendt from She Gave it A Go gathered her mom and her adult siblings to create heirloom photos they could enjoy forever. We used the time to document […]

Hoover Motherhood Session

Hoover Motherhood Session

Legacy Motherhood Sessions It feels like the longer I am a mom, the more I appreciate all my mom does for me now and DID for me growing up. It is so important as moms to be in your family’s pictures. Whether it’s a photo session or simply images from your vacation, YOU, as the […]

Legacy Motherhood Sessions

Legacy Motherhood Sessions in Hoover, AL

I recently travelled to Washington DC to work with a photography mentor. Over the past few weeks, several people have asked me how I met and started working with Natasha of NPS Photography. I found Natasha through Sabrina Gebheardt’s podcast, Shoot it Straight and immediately started following her. Things that stood out to me and […]

Work with a Mentor

Things I learned from my photography mentor

When is the best time to have a photo session? It is easy to think that because Christmas cards are sent in December, you have to have Fall images. But I am going to tell you a secret- that is just not true! It’s important to consider multiple factors when you are booking your session […]

When to have a photo session?

Birmingham family photo sessions

There is something intensely personal about opening your home to people, yet our day to day lives are defined by this place that holds our chaos, joy, and memories. But along with the beauty comes a wide variety of lies about in-home photos- things we tell ourself or just assume we know. So today we […]

Lies about In-Home Photos

In-home family photography in Birmingham, AL

We visited Washington DC a few weeks ago and I learned several photography tips from the Washingtons. I was there to take part in a mentorship with Natasha Sewell of NPS Photography. While we were there, we toured the amazing city and visited a lot of museums, had amazing food and coffee, and walked 20,000+ […]

Tips from the Washingtons

Print your pictures from your Birmingham, AL photo session.

I worked with senior photographer, Kate Walton, of Studio Kate Rome to create branding photos that best represent her style. We focused on showing her personality in her images- from fun, edgy photos in a urban location, to snacking on donut holes. The images were personal and were directly correlated to the experience clients will […]

Senior Photographer Branding

Personal brand photography for a small business

A few weekends ago, Brian and I traveled to Washington D.C. to explore our nation’s capital and for me to take part in a photography mentorship with in-home family photographer, Natasha Sewell of NPS Photography. We had a lot of great food and coffee, walked 20-30 miles, and hit a lot of the major museums. […]

Unexpected Photography Tips

Tips for the best photography experience