When to have a photo session?

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When is the best time to have a photo session? It is easy to think that because Christmas cards are sent in December, you have to have Fall images. But I am going to tell you a secret- that is just not true! It’s important to consider multiple factors when you are booking your session so step outside your normal patterns and consider the following things!

This or That- Family Photo Style

Do you prefer sundresses?XX
Do you like cozy clothes, like sweaters and boots?XX
Do you prefer rich, warm colors?X
Do you like bright colors?X
Do you like pastels?X
Would you prefer air condition to outdoors?
(In-home sessions are weather friendly 😉.)
Are you interested in a more quiet time of year
for both you and the photographer?
Do you like golds, yellows, and reds with fewer flowers?X
Do you like flowers and pretty greens?XX
Do you or someone in your family sweat easily?XEarly XLate X
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Other things to consider on when you are booking your photo session-

  • When did you last have family photos?
  • Is there a season or sport that will make it difficult to schedule your session? (Soccer, baseball, college football, etc.?)
  • Is there a time that is consistently busy for you and your spouse’s career?
  • Is your child in a stage that you may want to document more frequently?
  • Is someone in your family beginning to lose teeth? Are they getting braces? Are they getting braces off?
  • How will you use your pictures? Is there a season and colors that will look better with your decor and the style of your home?

There is so much more to planning your photo session than just Christmas cards. You are investing time and money, so take the time to truly consider what you want and not what you feel like you have to do. Once your children move past the age of about 5, there is much less of a difference in their looks from year to year, so it is much easier to schedule your session. I have clients who take pictures every year and others who take them every other year- your budget matters. You want to enjoy the photos, not feel like they are an unnecessary burden. Choosing the time that is best for your family will take away some of the unnecessary stress and create a much more joy-filled experience.

So, what will it be? Are you winter, spring, summer, or fall? No matter what you choose, I can’t wait to spend that time with you!

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