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There is something intensely personal about opening your home to people, yet our day to day lives are defined by this place that holds our chaos, joy, and memories. But along with the beauty comes a wide variety of lies about in-home photos- things we tell ourself or just assume we know. So today we will break down those lies and confirm the TRUTH about in-home photography and the connection it can bring in our day to day life.

Have you heard (or thought about) these lies about in-home photos?

My home needs to be perfect for an in-home photo session- magazine worthy, completely in style, absolutely finished.

In true Dwight Schrute fashion, I push up my glasses and say, FALSE. Our children’s memories are rooted in our home. If you are like me, your house is very far from perfect. The beauty of in-home photography is that we can embrace the imperfections. We dwell on the ease that comes naturally with being inside the place you are most comfortable. Your home tells your story- whether it is perfect or not.

Lies about in-home photos in Birmingham alabama

My kids have to ACT perfectly for an in-home photo session.

Like all of my sessions, our goal isn’t perfection- its connection and love and real emotion that brings us together. Whether it’s wild laughter or a few tears, it is a real life version of your life and one that’s worth capturing so you can remember it forever.

Lifestyle family photographer in Birmingham, Alabama

In-home photography is only good for newborn photos.

While in-home photography IS great for lifestyle newborn photos, it is also great for the years that come later too! Your children’s memories are engrained in your home. What better way to stop time and bring the past to life, than by using your home as your backdrop?

Lies about in-home pohotgraphy with older newborn photography Birmingham Alabama

My house is too dark for good pictures.

I was recently talking to a friend about in-home photos in our own home- I mentioned that our living room was like a cave. She reminded me that we can find light anywhere. It’s possible that certain areas of your house aren’t bright, but that doesn’t mean the whole thing is unusable. The great thing about in-home photo sessions is that it is about the people, not the home. Whether we cuddle on the bed, use the window light on the steps, or sit on the counter in the kitchen, we are capturing your connection. The prompts and engagement will be the thing that stands out the most.

Sibling family photography in-home
Pet family lifestyle photography

My home is too SMALL for a good photo session.

The fun thing about photographing any home is that it promotes creativity. Differences in homes help create unique composititions and and interesting perspectives. Things like doorways, lighting, and crops take a basic posed image and create something beautiful.

In home family photography Birmingham, AL
Lifestyle in-home family photography Birmingham, Al

In-home photography offers a glimpse into your family’s life. It makes time stand still and builds an immediate connection that can only come from the place you are most comfortable.

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