Baby’s First Year Photos

Birmingham milestone photography
Baby's first year photos

Have you every been interested in a Milestone Photo Series? Or wondered what they were? Baby’s first year photos or a Milestone Photo Series capture images of your child through the first year of their life. Many clients schedule photo sessions for their newborn baby, 6 month old, 9 month old and one year old. These mini photography sessions are the perfect way to document the growth in your baby’s life. 

Katherine was 6 months old during this photoshoot. It was at the perfect age for milestone pictures. She was not quite sitting up yet, so we included a lot of pictures of her snuggling on a blanket and (even better!) with her mom! She had the perfect push up and the sweetest smile. This baby girl was so happy and sweet!

Birmingham Milestone Photography
Birmingham mommy and me photography

I always encourage moms to be camera ready for the baby milestone family sessions. Using mom as a “prop” to show off their baby not only captures the stage, but also focuses on the special relationship they have with their child. This is especially good for babies who can not sit up yet or who are hesitant to be in front of the camera alone. What’s better is that time snuggling with mama always results in the most cherished pictures.

Do you live in the Birmingham area and are having a baby soon? A milestone photography package is just right for you! Packages include a newborn and one year old photo session, along with one other mini photoshoot during the baby’s first year! This photo session was at Samford University, in Birmingham, AL but milestone sessions can be scheduled any location that you love!

6 month old baby in Baby's first year photos

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