3 Signs You Need a Branding Sessions

If you are like me, personal branding images fill your social media feed. Whether it is your favorite photographer, your hair stylist, or a local marketing expert, you are sure to see their faces and interests in your feed. So the question remains- how do you know that a branding session is for you?

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1) You use social media to share a message.

Social media is the perfect platform to share what God has laid on your heart. Personal branding images give you a chance to introduce yourself and allow you to share your authority on the subject. Do you serve in a ministry and have a seminary degree? Share it with your images. Are you a social media marketer who has years of experience creating marketing campaigns that work? Share it with an image. Many of these images allow your followers to be better aquanted with the person behind screen, creating meaningful connections!

2) You are invested in building up your social media engagement.

As a small business owner, I have used instagram and Facebook to share and market my business for years. I have found through my analytics that personal posts that include me and my family consistently have higher engagement and views than other images, which translate well to the Instagram “algorithm.” From its start, Instagram was meant to share life with each other and personal images do just that.

3) You use social media to create a consistent and cohesive look.

My favorite strategy for a good personal branding session is to plan for the seasons and make your session last. When you are planning what to wear, have a more formal outfit, an everyday outfit, and a work from home outfit so that you can mix and match to spread your images over an extended period of time. I also suggest layering your outfits to create images for multiple seasons. Once your session is complete and you have downloaded your images, you can use a planning app to spread your favorite images over the course of a few months. The repeated style of your photographs will create a cohesive look throughout your feed!

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Is this you? Then let’s talk! Personal branding sessions are all about creating a PERSONAL session, just for you! We will talk to plan the location, consider outfits, and discuss props that will tell your story well!

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For more personal branding images, head to my branding portfolio!

To book a session, contact me here!

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