Family Getaway- Chattanooga, TN

family trip, Chattanooga TN
Family vacation, travel, Chattanooga TN

For several years, people have talked about how much fun they have in Chattanooga with their family. We went when the girls were little but never really had a chance to go back.

Here’s a hint- they were right 🤩.

Rock City, Georgia, Tennessee

Our weekend was pretty basic- we made hotel reservations near the river then planned around that. As a planner and researcher, we had a list of recommended places to eat and visit, then I did some follow up research to see if there was anything else we wanted to see. Our planning breakdown typically includes big tourist locations, stores that will hold at least three people in the family’s attention 🤪, kid friendly restaurants, and local coffee shops. Most of our choices are based on location, route, and Google reviews.

Rock City, See Rock CIty, vacations with kids, fat mans squeeze
Lover's leap, Rock CIty, Georgia, Tennessee, Chattanooga

We knew that the aquarium was a big attraction, but we’ve been to that one, plus a few others and decided to pass this trip. Instead we planned to hit Rock City- our family loves hiking and seeing God’s creation, plus my kids are old enough to not jump off any cliffs.

I would highly recommend Rock City for school age kids. The “hike” is definitely a walking trail through the gardens, but with “Fat Man’s Squeeze,” a rope bridge, and the view of 7 states, it definitely gave us a lot to enjoy.

Beyond Rock City, we walked across the pedestrian bridge to Clumpies Ice Cream (delicious) and rode cardboard slides down the big hill behind Clumpies. We LOVED Niedlov’s Bakery- everyone got something different and every bit of it was good. Plus the coffee was👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻. We had burgers one night at Urban Stack and pizza for lunch at Community Pie. Overall, it was such a fun trip because we didn’t fill it with a ton of stuff and were able to just explore a new city- the girls loved it! If you are looking for a weekend trip, we would highly recommend Chattanooga. It is stress free, but with tons of great things to do with family!

Rock City, trips with kids, traveling with kids, family vacations

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