In-Home Photo Session

Family Photo session
Vestavia Hills photography, In-home photo session

Welcome to the Martin home! Lisa wanted an in-home photo session in the place they loved most- their home. Because she chose a full session, we were able to break our time down into both formal images before we finished with a more informal outdoor shoot in their backyard. We focused on more “grandma friendly” posed and smiling images in part one so we could capture the “fun” in part two. Be sure you check back next week to check out the fun!

Sibling photos, Birmingham Family Photographer
Heirloom In-Home Photo Session, Hoover Family Photographer
Family Photo sessions, Vestavia Photographer

In-Home Photo Session- Part 1. Formal Heirloom Images

What to Wear!

The beautiful part of an in-home photo session is that you can truly capture WHO the family is. With a combination of classic outfits and beautiful living spaces, we created beautiful heirloom images. Lisa chose a beautifully smocked dress for her daughter and amazing sweater texture for her some to create depth in her images. Curt went with a traditional white button up and Lisa wore a gorgeous lace shirt, so their outfits were timeless.

Classic Family Photography, Heirloom Photographs

Elements of the Session

Curt and Lisa were actually mine and Brian’s young married Sunday School teachers A LOT of years ago. Their love for each other is such an encouragement to everyone around them. I loved photographing them dancing in their kitchen 😍. Lisa’s mom is a piano teacher, so the piano is a big part of both her’s and her children’s life. We incorporated the piano into their classic session because it is important part of the fabric of their family.

Couple Photography, Birmingham Family Photographer

I love the formal moments that were captured in an everyday setting. We were able to get timeless photographs that can be cherished for years to come in their home–a place that has immeasurable memories for the Martins.

Hoover Family Photography, In-Home Photo Session
Family photo sessions, Vestavia Hills, Alabama photography

Come back next week to see part 2 of the Martin’s session full of family fun in their backyard!

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