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BW Personality Session
Laughing Personality Session

As a natural light photographer, outdoor sessions will always be my favorite, but I think there is something truly special about capturing an undistracted image of a child. Catching a kid’s genuine laugh or sibling embrace on a white backdrop gives me SO MUCH joy.

A major question I get asked as we are planning for these sessions is “what do we wear?” so I wanted to take a minute here to share that answer.

Black and White vs Colored image

In short, I think that something solid in a light color is always a win. One of the best parts of the personality session is that these timeless pictures are beautiful in color and in black and white. The solid colored shirt allows the child’s eyes to pop in the colored image, while giving a crisp, clean look in the black and white.

Black and white vs colored image

I love the above pictures of my girls, but I found that the pattern and color of their sweatshirts took away from the classic look, and especially in the black and white image, distracted from their faces.

Another option is to put the child in a darker solid shirt. The dark can show personality and help pull together outfits with siblings, while giving a beautiful contrasted look in the black and white image.

Personality Mother Daughter

Regardless of what they wear, your child will look great in the pictures because THEY are in them!

Are you interested in timeless, FUN pictures of your kids? Then Personality Sessions are for you!

For more information or to see when these sessions are available, head here!

Happy day, y’all!

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