(Pop-up) Camping with Kiddos

Wind Creek State Park

Wind Creek State Park

Brian and Ashley’s top 5 tips for camping with kiddos:

  1. Always have a throw-up bucket and baby wipes. Always.

  2. Take time to see the city and explore the campgrounds. I love shopping, eating out, and having a nice cup of fancy coffee. Brian loves hiking, fishing, and sitting around the fire. We focus on doing all of those things when we head out on our trips to give our girls a good balance of both.

  3. Hormel pre-cooked bacon is amazingly easy and so delicious. And no mess! Other great easy food ideas include tacos in a bag (see below), quesadillas on the griddle, and pancake mix pancakes. Camping meals are the best!

  4. Having a travel DVD player makes it a lot easier to keep the kids from waking up the whole campground when they wake up at 6 AM. We turn it off and put it away once breakfast goes on the table.

  5. Family bike rides are create amazing memories.

Tannehill State Park

Cloudland Canyon State Park

Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA

We haven’t been camping in awhile and are eager to pull Camperina out again.  I’d love to hear from you! What do you do to make camping or traveling with your kids a success?

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